Why (we love) YOGA?

Yoga to us means freedom. Both for the mind and the body. Yoga has magic to it. For whatever reason you begin, you’ll most likely find new deeper reasons making you want to continue practising. As you spend more and more time with your body on the mat, without distractions from the outside world, you’ll create a deeper connection to the very center of your being. No hux flux – it just automatically happens! You begin to see people, things, the world, your body and your life in a different perspective. You might notice that the way you behave and react in situations are different, and face fears and challenges with more ease and calmness.

The physical part of yoga, the asanas, give you greater flexibility, strength and better posture – which in turn improves your capacity to breathe, prevents injuries and illnesses and overall sensation of feeling REALLY good.

You might be one of those who believe that yoga is’nt for everyone. You might think that yoga is only for flexible or ”spiritual” people. Guess what!!?? YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE! You go to yoga to GET more flexible, to GET more strength, IMPROVE your posture and to feel BETTER. And who doens’t want that?

When all comes around yoga is a way of connecting deeper into the purpose of life.

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