Take Off – Armbalance, Inversions and Transitions

Turn your world upside down in this fun, yet challenging, experimental workshop. We’ll work on strengthening the shoulders, arms and core in order to prepare the body to lift up. Props and walls become part of our playground and we’ll work together in pairs to support each other. Headstand, Bakasana, Pincha Mayurasana, Handstand and Scorpion are some of the poses we’ll look at, as well as practice fun transitions to and from them to create a flow. This workshop is open to all levels, beginners, intermediate and advanced. The only requirements are to be open minded and willing to work hard!

Connection – Partner/Acro Yoga

Yoga is all about connection – to yourself – and to other people. Take your yoga practice beyond yourself, sharing it with a partner. Play with fun sequences, synchronize your breaths, practice adjustments and learn about each others strengths and limitations. A fusion between partner and acro yoga you’ll get to challenge yourself and your partner and maybe get into postures you’re not able to do on your own. We’ll finish the class with some calming restorative postures together. Open to all levels. Previous yoga asana experience is not required, just an open heart, an ability to listen and follow directions and the desire to try something different and fun!

Vinyasa Flow Foundations

Experience the beauty of vinyasa! Learn how to link every single movement with a breath – creating a moving meditation. Build heat, flexibility and strength and move through intelligent, fun and invigorating sequences. The first part of the workshop will be more technical, getting familiar with the Ujjai breath and look close at the postures that build up the vinyasa; downward facing dog, plank, chaturanga dandasana and upward facing dog. We’ll break them down and go through how to modify them so that they work for your body. In the second part of the workshop we’ll incorporate all of this into a dynamic flow. Open to all levels.

Happy Hips

Find more ease in your backbends, forwards bends, armbalances and into your daily seated posture! This workshpop starts with a heat building, hip and thigh opening flow sequence, which then moves into a series of deep hip openers. We’ll break down and explore the postures and learn how to practice them in a safe way. Hip opening postures have benefits that go beyond flexibility in our hips. These postures can help relieve back pain, improve circulation in the legs, and possibly improve the way you run and walk. Also, hip opening postures can release stress and negative emotional memories, which may be stored in your hips on an energetic level. Open to all levels.

Heart Expansion – Backbends

A dynamic and energising workshop where we focus on opening up the whole front body in order to move safely into backbends. The knees, thighs, groins, chest and shoulders. As we open up into backbends we create more space in the chest and stimulate the energetic center of our hearts. A lot of us nowadays spend a lot of time in front of desks and computers and have created bad posture habits, so to incorporate backbends into your life can give you a sensation of more freedom and openness. We’ll take a look at basic backbends such as Bridge, Camel and Up dog as well as modifications and more advanced variations of these. Open to all levels.

Hamstring Love

Do you ever get frustrated over your tight hamstrings (the back of the legs)? Do you find it hard to reach the floor with with your hands in forward bends or reaching the heels to the ground when practising Downward Facing Dog? Well you’re not alone. Most of us, whether from sitting many hours in a chair at work or from running, feel tightness in this area. In this workshop we’ll look at some of the most common forward bends and look at how to modify them in order to stretch them in a healthy way, which might not always be by straighten the legs all the way! We’ll blend slow and long held yin yoga poses with playful vinyasa sequences and work towards more challenging peak poses which requires open and soft hamstrings. Open to all levels.

Backbend Lisa

With her joy and clear steady guidance Lisa creates a fun space to fall back into and go deep in. She inspires me to greater presence and makes me feel safe in going deeper in my body and my focus.

Sanna Aulén

Designer, Eyeseei

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