Our Story

2003. Barcelona, Spain. Our early 20’s – both curious and eager to discover and travel the world. Our lives crossed and our souls seemed to like each other very much. We set out on a journey which has been – and still is – full of adventure, challenges, surprises, joy and sometimes tears. To go into detail about where and when we travelled and worked would take a day or two. To give you an idea: apple and strawberry picking on the tiny island Samsoe in Denmark, bartendering in the italian alpes, olive harvesting in Granada, Spain, long night shifts at a corn factory in Blenheim, New Zealand, waitering in western Australia and the list goes on. All of these different work experiences have made it possible for us to go travel and see amazing places, cities and countries, meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, learn about them and their lifestyles.

Our travels, and the experiences that we have gotten from them has given us what in our opinion has been the best education we could ever get. A high appreciation for life. Values and beliefs have been reshaped and renewed. What before would seem uninteresting is now interesting, What seemed scary is no longer so. What seemed to be impossible has become possible. And vice versa.

We’ve learnt to be grateful for our health. For having been introduced to and learnt (and keep learning every day!) about raw food and holistic nutrition – which in turn also has raised our awareness about the way we consume food and its effect on the planet.

We’re grateful for our discovery and journeys of yoga that we’ve individually, and at the same time together/parallel walked. Amazed by what the magic of yoga has brought into our lives. Playfulness, connection, openness, flexibility, stability, happiness and much more.

We feel deep gratitude to all our teachers: them being yogis, raw foodies, family members, friends, or strangers – that have taught and keep teaching us about life.

Inspiro Yoga has been born as a wish to inspire and share our passions and experiences with as many people around the world as possible.

Lisa & Naza

Lisa and Nazareno are a celebration of good vibrations. As teachers, both individually and in tandem, they are all I could wish for in a guided yoga class. They are knowledgeable, and they are all heart, and their warmth and radiance resonate from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall, filling the space with gentle waves of clarity. If you wish to immerse yourself in a yoga experience which boomerangs in an avalanche of positivity, taking class with Lisa and Nazareno is a no-brainer. They make the practice of yoga, and the teaching of that practice, something truly special.

Steve Vinitsky


I met Lisa and Naza in 2013 while I was on a soul searching journey in Ubud, Bali. I attended a class which they were teaching together and while I didn’t know they were together, it was obvious they led a class as one. I was totally impressed! I attended their yoga classes for the six weeks I was in Ubud and not only did my physical yoga practice improve, but I found my focus became sharp and I felt super peaceful. Lisa and Naza both begin yoga practice with focus, and a spiritual component which I love! They are kind, generous and open souls who make no judgement about a person. They scream kindness! Now that I am back in Australia, I have been seeking a yoga teacher similar to Lisa and Naza and fortunately, they have put me in touch with some people here.

Lisa and Naza in three words: Loving, beautiful, welcoming.

Rachel Rae

Blogger, The Weekly Unwind