Vinyasa Flow

A dynamic style of yoga where each movement is synchronized with a breath. The class is well rounded with sun salutations, standing, seated and supine postures. Be ready to move, breathe, (most likely) sweat, (sometimes) face your fears and challenge yourself.

The class is tailored to all levels, with modifications for both beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Gentle Hatha Flow

A ”milder ”version of Vinyasa and great practice if you want to start or end the day with a slow flow, including meditation, pranayama (breathing) and basic postures. Open to all levels, suitable for beginners.

Restorative Yoga

A deeply relaxing practice of supported poses, meditation and calming breathing expercises. During the class props (bolsters, belts, blocks, blankets, eye pillows) are used to support the body enabling it to completely relax, open up and release tension. A chance for the nervous system and the body to come into a stillness and rest. Open to all levels.

Yin Yoga

A deep and slow practice where we hold the postures for 3-5 minutes. We target the connective tissue – the fascia – and open up the body either in seated postures or lying down on the floor. Open to all levels.

Private Yoga Classes

This is a great opportunity to get a class tailored specifically for your body and its needs!

Maybe you’ve had an injury and you want to work on strengthening the body? Are you pregnant or have just had your baby and want to learn more on how to modify your yoga practice to make it safe and feel good?

We can arrange to come to your home, hotel, private villa, organise it at a studio or come to your work. Rates depend on amount of people, location and length of class.

Please contact us and we’ll talk further!


A workshop is a chance to learn about a specific topic and practice more than in a class at a studio. Usually a workshop is 2-3 hours long. Happy Hips & Twists, Upside Down and Hamstring Love are just a few names of workshops that we offer.

Teacher Trainings & Retreat Collaboration

We love to collaborate and often travel and teach master classes and workshops at other teachers trainings and retreats. Introduction to Vinyasa Flow, Advanced Asana and Sequencing are some of the topics we cover. For more info send us an email.


Dive deeper into the practice of yoga and truly embody and feel the practice in a way that is much more profound than in a regular yoga class at a studio.

You might be one of those who’ve fallen madly in love with yoga and want to dig deeper, maybe you’re thinking of taking a yoga teacher training and want to take your practice to a new level or maybe you already are a yoga teacher with a wish to return to studentship and need a break from teaching.


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