Yesterday morning at the High Vibe Yoga Teacher Training (that I’m taking and partly assisting at the moment here in Ubud) we got invited to a ceremony with a Balinese priestess.

A beautiful and very special experience.

We all dressed up in sarongs and walked to the place where it was held. As we got there the very beautiful priestess got dressed and opened up the ceremony. She sang mantras, used different bowls and sprinkled water over different objects.

My logical mind wanted to “understand” the procedure and reason behind it all, but I do have a hard time to do so (like eating rice grains or putting them on my forehead along with gettings plashed with water).

Little did I understand of the words the priestess said and sang to us, but she did say a few words in English and those were enough for me to “take in” this whole experience. I didn’t need to understand everything else.

Those words were “BE HAPPY”. She’s smiled while saying them and looking us all into our eyes.

Looking at the photos I took, seeing the smiles on peoples faces, the “wonder” in their expressions and the dance in the rain that happened after – I can truly say it was a moment of true joy and happiness.

I realise how lucky I am to be in a place like this. Together with likeminded people in a community where we care for and support and each other.

In peace.

I feel even more inspired to keep living the way I live, doing and working with what I love and to share it with even more people.

<3 Lisa